Program & Schedule

IndiaHCI 2018 Conference is a three-day event. Workshops will be held on 16th December while the main technical program including Keynote Talks, Courses, Papers, Demos, Late Break Work, Case Studies, and the consortia (Student Research, Student Design and doctoral), will be conducted on 17th and 18th December.

The Workshops will take place at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology- N5 Campus while the rest of the conference will be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

Following is the program for the conference. We will keep adding details to it. Keep watching this space for updates.

Sunday, December 16th : Workshops*

Venue: Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology -N5 Campus

Time Agenda Workshops
08:00 AM Registration Opens
09:00 AM Workshops Begin Workshops 1,2,3,4,5
11:00 AM Tea
11:30 AM Workshops Continue Workshops 1,2,3,4,5
01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Workshops Continue Workshops 2,3,4,5
03:30 PM Workshops Conclude
03:40 PM Workshop attendees start for BIEC
03:45 PM Registration desk opens at BIEC
04:00 PM High Tea at BIEC
05:00 PM Opening Ceremony (At Bangalore International Exhibition Centre)
05:15 PM Keynote Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Being human: a lived experience of 30 years of Human Computer Interaction
Venue: Cassia
06:30 PM Close

Monday, December 17th*

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

Time Agenda Cassia Parijata Hibiscus
07:30 AM Registration Opens
08:30 AM Keynote Pradeep Gururaj Yammiyavar
Future trends in HCI – Creating leadership roles for Designers ‘behind’ and ‘beyond’ the ‘screen’
Venue: Cassia
09:40 AM Session 1 Paper Session 1:
Full Paper 1,2,3 and Note 1
SRC-SDC Session 1:
SRC 1, 2, 3 and SDC 1, 2
Course 1:
Assistive Technology in India: From Design to Deployment

11:00 AM Tea Posters, Demonstrations, and Installations Open
11:20 AM Invited Talk Sriram Subramanian
Computational Wavefront Manipulation for Novel User-Interfaces
Venue: Cassia
12:40 PM Lunch
Lagoon Area
02:00 PM Session 2 Best of India Paper Session 2:
Full Paper 4,5,6 and Note 2
Course 2: 4Es approach to interaction (Embodied, Embedded, Extended, and Enactive): phenomenological and physiological approaches
03:20 PM Tea Posters, Demonstrations, and Installations Open
03:40 PM Session 3 Panel with speakers Case Studies Course 3: So You Want to Do a PhD in Interaction Design
05:15 pm Keynote Lilly Irani
Empathy, Participation, Accountability, or Solidarity?
Venue: Cassia
06:15 pm Close
06:15 PM HCIPAI Meeting

Tuesday, December 18th*

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

Time Agenda Cassia Parijata Hibiscus
07:30 AM Registration Opens
08:30 AM Keynote Anne Galloway
"Fellow-creatures, colleagues, dangerous equals”: Designing with, and for, the more-than-human"
Venue: Cassia
09:40 AM Session 4 Paper Session 3: Full Paper 7, Note 3 SRC-SDC Session 2: SRC 4 SDC 3 Start-up engagement Course 4A: How to Write a Paper for India HCI 2019
11:00 AM Tea Posters, Demonstrations, and Installations Open
11:20 AM Session 5 Start Up Panel UX Cafe - Session 1 Course 4B: How to Write a Paper for India HCI 2019
12:40 PM Lunch
Lagoon area
02:00 PM Session 5 UX Cafe - Session 2 Course 5: Enhancing User Experience through Effective Transitions Course 6: Designing the next great frontier User Interfaces: Learning the principles of Conversational UIs Design and Research.
03:20 PM Tea Posters, Demonstrations, and Installations Open
03:40 PM Keynote Anita Gurumurthy
"Seeing beyond the screen - reflections on crafting technology for the art of change"
Venue: Cassia
05:00 PM Closing ceremony
06:15 PM Close

*The program is subject to multiple changes without prior notice.

Program Details

Paper Session 1

Venue: Cassia
  • Full Paper: Story Culture Framework: A Cross Cultural Study
    Arthi Kanchana Manohar
  • Full Paper: How Much Faster Can You Type by Speaking in Hindi? Comparing Keyboard-Only and Keyboard+Speech Text Entry
    Bhakti Bhikne, Anirudha Joshi, Manjiri Joshi, Nimish Maravi and Shashank Ahire
  • Full Paper: Modelling trust in human-like technologies
    Siddharth Gulati, Sonia Sousa and David Lamas
  • Note: Challenges in supporting the emergent user
    Vivek Kant and Anirudha Joshi

Paper Session 2

Venue: Cassia
  • Full Paper: Hierarchy or List? Comparing Menu Navigation by Emergent Users
    Deepak Ranjan Padhi, Anirudha Joshi, Abhishek Shrivastava and Rucha Tulaskar
  • Full Paper: Concise Personas Based on Tacit Knowledge - How Representative Are They?
    Ravi Mahamuni, Pramod Khambete, Sylvan Lobo, Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Shivani Sharma and Ulemba Hirom
  • Full Paper: The Role of Familial Relations in the Infrastructure of a Prepaid Domestic Energy Service
    Karthikeya Acharya and Lindsay Simmonds
  • Note: Towards Enhancing Everyday Pregnancy Care: Reflections from Community Stakeholders in South India
    Naveen Bagalkot, Nervo Verdezoto, Mitchelle Lewis, Paula Griffiths, Deirdre Harrington, Nicola Mackintosh and Judith Angelitta Noronha

Paper Session 3

Venue: Cassia
  • Full Paper: #AutismAwareness: A longitudinal Study to Characterize Tweeting Patterns Among India and U.S. Users
    Safa Quadri, Naveena Karusala and Rosa I. Arriaga
  • Note: Participatory design for creating virtual environments
    Dani Kalarikalayil Raju

Student Research Consortium

Venue: Cassia and Parijata
    Vinayak Pushkar
  • SRC 2: Power to the People: Designing a Better Solar Powered Electricity Service for Rural Indian Villages
    Lindsay Simmonds
  • SRC 3: Role of communication in community health care
    Apoorva Shetty, Shipra Purohit, Sunidhi Barve
  • SRC 4: An exploratory study understanding the appropriated use of voice-based Search and Assistants
    Apoorva Bhalla

Student Design Consortium

Venue: Cassia and Parijata
  • SDC 1: PULSY A budget friendly Pulse Oximeter
    Saish Gosavi, Pragati Saraf and Arzoo Khare
  • SDC 2: WordTutor - a VUI based solution for Vocabulary Instruction
    Arpit Mathur and Jemmy Seth
  • SDC 3: Know : An Interactive Solution Facilitating Collective Knowledge
    Rishabh Singh, Neel Koradia

Case Studies:

Venue: Parijata
  • Case Study 1: Understanding Direct Store Delivery: Design, Evaluation & Implications
    Ajay Mittal
  • Case Study 2: Feedback System for Improving Capturing Quality and Quantity of Livestock Images Using Deep Learning Technology
    Srinivasan karthik, Pavankumar Vutla, Dineshkumar Singh,Vaibhav Lonlkar,Sanat Sarangi,Divya Alla
  • Case Study 3: Simplifying Design for ALL
    Jenifer Sam, Sushama Shadakshary
  • Case Study 3: Habit Forming in Fitness
    Rohan Baruah, Siddharth Kabra

Best of India

Venue: Cassia
  • The Unexpected Entry and Exodus of Women in Computing and HCI in India
    Divy Thakkar, Purva Yardi, Pratap Kalenahalli Sudarshan, Kentaro Toyama
  • Prayana: Intermediated Financial Management in Resource-Constrained Settings
    Apurv Mehra, Srihari Muralidhar, Sambhav Satija, Anupama Dhareshwar, and Jacki O'Neill
  • Scaling Classroom IT Skill Tutoring: A Case Study from India
    Meghna Joshi, Tanmay Joshi, and Nimmi Rangaswamy,

UX Cafe Session 1

Venue: Parijata
  • Design Thinking/Design journey at SAP
    Lakshman Pachinila (SAP Labs)
  • Quantifying Creativity for Modern Workplaces
    Sujath Asad Ali Junaid
  • Engaging Youth Through Popular Music to Restore Rightful Ownership of Data.
    Dani Kalarikalayil Raju, Jose Kalarikalayil Raju and Aparna Kulkarni
  • Informatica Connector Toolkit
    Rejeeb Mohammed
  • Headway– a collaborative Guide to Cancer Survivors
    Hrudaya Veena Yanamandala

UX Cafe Session 2

Venue: Cassia
  • UX for Healthcare
    Abhimanyu Kulkarni (Philips Design)
  • Co-Designing Healthcare in Channapatna.
    Arjun Harish Rao and Mahima Chandak
  • Capturing the moment, Researching wearables)
    Durgaprasad Yemula, (Peepal Design)
  • Voice Augmented Experiences
    Satheesh, (SlangLabs)
  • Challenges in running a design studio in India
    Anil, (Lollypop Designs)
  • Making Data Visualization Effective
    Hemanth Kumar Anumandla

Start Up Panel

Venue: Cassia
  • Gaurav Mathur
    VP Design, Myntra | Profile
  • Ajay Prasad
    Design Head, IBM Labs | Profile
  • Sunil Chowdary
    Founder, Krayonik | Profile
  • Sharan Grandigae
    Founder and CEO, Redd Design | Profile
  • Chandni R
    Founder, Tactopus | Profile