UX Café

The UX Café is an informal forum where HCI community from diverse streams of research, design, development, strategy and academics come together to showcase their best work and talk about their successes and failures and learn from each other.

This year, we are accepting submissions under the following tracks

Track 01- UX Challenger

New and Innovative
Emerging trends, path breaking concepts and ideas that push the envelope

Track 02- UX Ninja

Tools and Methodologies
Discovered a software that changed the way you worked? A methodology that helped generate order out of chaos? Share your experiences of tools and techniques that have helped you scale, optimize or changed the way you work. *Please note: Submissions under this track should offer an honest perspective on your experience and not recommend any software based on any commercial interests

Track 03- UX Champion

Success and Failure - Case studies

This track is for the “Doers” – people who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty on the field. Demonstrate case studies that pushed you to think out of the box, take risks and solve old problems in a new way. We welcome you to talk about your successes and more importantly learning through failure, so we may all grow together as one.

Track 04- UX Leader

Design Leaders

You have been there, done that and now you help others tread the path of success. If you have managed or mentored a design team or made a difference to how design is perceived in the organisations, this is the forum to share your story. We invite you to inspire and lead the way for the next wave of change!

Track 05- UX Catalyst

Academia + Industry collaboration

Stories of collaborative innovation, how you leveraged each other’s strengths and what you learnt from the process

Format for submissions

This is a presentation only track. You do not need to submit any papers. You can submit your presentations under the following two categories

  1. Long presentations [20 mins including Q&A]
  2. Short presentations [15 mins including Q & A]

Submission link: Easy chair

Important Dates

  • 10 November 2018: Submission of abstract / key concept through a few key slides. Video summary optional but highly recommended
  • 26 November 2018: Final acceptances published based on popularity and recommendations from selection panel
  • 16-18 December 2018: India HCI 2018, Bangalore


Atul Manohar

Prachi Sakhardande