Industrial Case Studies

Industrial Case Studies encourage presentation of stories that address design, implementation and evaluation of HCI systems in real-world contexts. Case studies should also describe how they will benefit the HCI community. We seek submissions that show the application, commercial aspects or practical challenges in any of the following areas: -

  • Novel interactions/input methods
  • HCI in consumer products, applications and services.
  • Future information Systems (AR/VR/Tangible/flexible and deformative displays)
  • Novel Generative & Evaluative Research Methods
  • Human Factors for Personalization & Intelligent systems
  • HCI for Data security and privacy
  • ICT4D
  • Data Visualization for information systems
  • Culturally Influenced Design
  • Innovation through research and design
  • HCI Education – New Paradigms

Industrial Case Studies are not exclusively focused on an industry but are specifically crafted to be open to industry contributions. The difference between the archival research papers and case studies is that Case Studies need not to be a part of a longer body of research.

Submission Details

The Case Study should be submitted in the Extended Abstract Format (2-8 pages). The Extended Abstract template can be downloaded in Latex/MS word version from the Link- It must be submitted using EasyChair.

References do not count towards page length. The extended abstract submission by itself must give a clear understanding of the Industrial Case Studies, authors are proposing.
We encourage, but do not require, authors to use illustrative videos and research prototypes to help them in the narratives. A list of the supplementary items should be mentioned by the authors while submitting their work. Please note that the supplementary item’s list is not part of the extended abstract submissions.

These are the broad guidelines to prepare the case study:

  • Abstract of Project/Research
  • Context of the problem
  • Method: What we did (2-3 sentences minimum)
  • Findings: What we learned (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Discussion: What it means, how others might use the findings, implications for practice
  • Conclusion & What’s next
  • References (if any)

Case Studies should emphasize on the process of HCI research or design, describing the context, the challenges faced and how solution was designed. The Case study submissions can illustrate, explore, report, analyze, summarize, challenge or describe implications for an application, commercial aspects or practical challenges in HCI systems.

Review process

All case study submissions will be peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in the reviewing committee. Submissions are not anonymous and should include all author names, affiliations, and contact information.

The length of the time slot for presentation and questions will be assigned by the conference committee and depend on the number of accepted papers. The proceedings of pervious India HCI conferences have been archived in the ACM Digital Library, and we expect to continue this for Industrial Case studies accepted for India HCI 2018.

New authors Mentorship Program

Authors who are attempting the industrial case studies for the first time, could be connected to the mentor panel, on a request to program committee. The mentor panel consist of multidisciplinary team of reputed academicians, researchers & design practitioners and industry experts, who can provide inputs on the submissions. Please contact the chairs on to enroll for New Authors Mentorship Program.

Best Case Study Awards

On the recommendation of the reviewers and the presentation during the conference, the India HCI Case study chairs will nominate the submissions for the Best Case Study Awards.


  • 13 May 2018: Call out
  • 15 July 2018 31st July (Extended date): Online Submissions Due
  • 15 September 2018: Final decision communicated to authors
  • 15 October 2018: Final Submission


Apala Lahiri Chavan
President, Human Factors International

Saurabh Srivastava
Senior Scientist & Research Manager, Conduent Labs India

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